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Formcut Academy 

This is our Formcut Academy page, dedicated to assisting you maneuver the many aspects of our Formcut In-store experience. 

Please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any additional questions.

Sign Up Your Customer
with Ease.

What are the dos and don'ts of signing up a customer? Find out here. 

You Only Want 
Successful Scans!

Learn how to properly direct your customer before scanning to ensure they achieve a successful scan.

Let's Configure Your Shirt.

Learn how to configure your customer's shirt

with ease one detail at a time.

Let’s Start The
Scanning Process.

Become familiar with what the scanning

process looks like. 

Shopping Cart and
Editing Details.

This can be a little tricky so pay close attention to how to edit details, especially in the shopping cart.

Shipping Details.

Possibly the most important aspect of the entire purchase to ensure your customer gets their garments!

Locate Your Customer.

Need to find your customer to check their scanning history, order number, or ? Check out our video.

Update a Profile.

Has your customers' information changed?

Let's get that fixed up.

Order History.

Want to see when an order was placed, it's status, or just forgot what custom pieces you chose? Check the order history!

Peek at Scanning History.

Learn how to reference customers scanning history to understand if they are due for a new scan. 

Find a Fit
Feedback Form.

Forgot where to locate the Fit Feedback Form?

We have you covered.

Fit Feedback Breakdown.

Don't get overwhelmed, learn what everything on the Fit Feedback Form means.

Shopping with a
Repeat Customer.

Your customer loved their first order so much that now they want to order more? Check out how to make that happen without going through the entire process again.

Re-Scanning with
Repeat Customer.

Your customer has fluctuated in weight and/or has not been to visit you in a few months. Check out how to get them rescanned!

Check out our FAQ’s first!

Learn where to find our FAQ's first in case you can get a speedy answer

Need Support? Let us show you how to put in a ticket.

Learn how to request help from our support team for

quick communication and help.

Internet Issues? We got
you covered.

Learn how to handle any internet issues that might

get thrown your way.

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