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Not created to a standard specification.

It is created for you and only you.

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The Shirt

A Formcut Shirt is not created to a standard specification. It is created for you and only you. Our painstaking attention to detail is part of our product soul. For example, every Formcut shirt comes with mother of pearl buttons as standard. Carved from the natural shell each has a unique sheen and unmistaken sense of refinement.
Rough Surface

Download Formcut 3D

Download Formcut 3D app to get measured using our 3D technology from the comfort of your home

Our love for cotton

Every Formcut product starts with a staple of highest quality cotton. The longer the staple the superior the cotton.
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Our Buttons

Formcut buttons are genuine Mother of Pearl, a high-end detail used only in the finest shirts. These lustrous buttons are sustainably sourced, resilient to breaking, and 100% authentic. How can you tell they’re real? Real Mother of Pearl buttons are always cold to the touch.

Our Construction

This is not your average shirt, my friend.

When it comes to products we are fanatics about the details, every stitch, seam width, interlining, collar stay, button, and buttonhole are carefully thought through. We not only make an outstanding shirt we make a shirt for you that will stay with you.

SHIRT PAGE-Details Shots.jpg
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