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Powering Menswear's Digital Future 



The problems retailers are facing

“Behavior changes will reshape consumer decision journeys and companies will need to adapt fast”

– McKinsey & Co.

Customer demand fit & convenience
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Shoppers are accustomed to the immediacy of online with higher expectations.
Inventory risk
As consumers return to stores, retailers struggle with predicting stock levels and assortment. Replenishment is slow. The future demand for inventory is unclear.
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Expanding online is a challenge
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With traffic down, fine menswear retailers need to find a way to expand their reach online while leveraging the great customer experience enabled by their store footprint.
Menswear is increasingly fit-focused
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Menswear has become increasingly “fit-focused” as silhouettes slim down and shoppers demand
a more precise fit
Fulfilling online is a problem 
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Independent retailers lack scale to sell online or fulfill orders with limited stock.
Store are closing & customers are up for grabs
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Many stores have been forced to close (25-40%) leaving otherwise great customers without a suitable shopping destination.
Rough Surface

The Suitable Solution

Private Label Scan-to-Factory Made-to-Measure Program for Specialty Menswear Retailers.


MTM Solution

The Industry’s First Scan-to-Factory MTM Program

Brand Customized MTM Portal
Customers access a customized Formcut portal directly through your existing store website. There they will be engaged with slick content and imagery and invited to start the process of purchasing a MTM garment.
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3D Body Scan on Consumer’s Mobile Phone
Industry-leading 3D scanning technology. In as little as three minutes the customer’s phone captures two poses and uploads to Size Stream yielding a 3-dimensional avatar. All relevant body measurements are extracted and appended to the customer profile.
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Simplified Shopping Experience
Customer browses fabrics and makes a selection. A simple visual design interface steps them through styling their garment. When ready, they are prompted to measure themselves with the mobile 3D Scanning App.
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Check-Out and Transmit Order
Customer enters shipment and payment information through the Formcut eStore or your eCommerce site and the order is transmitted directly to the factory. A beautifully tailored, proper fitting garment is received in as little as two weeks!
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MTM Solution


MTM Benefits

The Online Program that changes the rules of retail.
Kick-start Growth Mode! A turn-key 21 Century Approach to Apparel Retailing


Conserve Cash. You don’t buy until you have the garment sold! MTM is a proven way to increase inventory turns.

Never turn a customer away! Every size and a nearly limitless selection is always available online or in store.

Increased Profit! Better economics than traditional eCommerce.

Grow your customer base by reaching more customers online.

Grow your business without growing your staff size.


Turn Key Solution

A turn-key on-demand MTM apparel program enabled by 3D cutting-edge technology

12.9-inch iPad Pro - horizontal.png

Branded Mobile App

Branded Mobile App to scan/measure, style, and order enabled with 3D Technology

Wide Assortment

Assortment of fabrics, products, trims, and custom details to select from with your brand in mind.


Scan, shop, and customize with simple selections to choose from with clear understanding from your customers.

Branded Web Pages

Branded Web Pages with personalized program content that tells the story and converts customers

24/7 Support

Choose your level of support -  if it's direct to associate or customer, we are here to help.

Turn-Key Solution

All in one Turn Key end-to-end solution to implement easily into your current business processes.

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Our Story

Formcut has partnered with Size Stream, the leading 3D mobile scanning technology provider.

Our Scan-to-Factory is the most advanced

Made-to-Measure and Made-to-Order

Private Label Clothing Solution.

Our Mission is to provide a personalized, accessible, and effortless experience.

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