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We believe a personalized experience should be the rule not the exception.

Our Made to Measure Products

We take your precise 3D measurements and your personal preferences to create unique products, they are made to fit you and you only.

The Shirt

A Formcut Shirt is not created to a standard specification. It is created for you and only you. Our painstaking attention to detail is part of our product soul. For example, every Formcut shirt comes with mother of pearl buttons as standard. Carved from the natural shell each has a unique sheen and unmistaken sense of refinement.
White Cotton Fabric
The confidence that comes from the feeling of being well dressed is immeasurable. What makes our 5- Pocket special is that we keep the integrity of the traditional
5-Pocket design and incorporating premium menswear fabrics. Our fabrics have been pre-treated so that the smart casual trouser will maintain their sharp look after each wash and wear.

The 5 Pocket


The Chino

To achieve the best fitting Chino it is essentials that we start with precise body measurements, it is through this fine technological precision balanced between your preference and our tradition of skillfully prepared patterns we achieve the subtle profile and flattering silhouette of a Formcut chino.
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