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Not created to a standard specification.

It is created for you and only you.


The 5 Pocket

Our 5 Pocket keeps the integrity of the traditional design and incorporates premium fabrics making it the new essential in men's fashion.
Dress it up, dress it down it is appropriate for all occasions.

You're welcome, you can thank us later.

Rough Surface

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Our love for cotton

Every Formcut product starts with a staple of highest quality cotton. The longer the staple the superior the cotton.
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Our Anatomy

Our 5-Pocket is the definition of the smart-casual aesthetic. By combining the classic elements of the 5-pocket style and premium menswear fabrics, this garment is unlike any casual trousers.​ Take note of the details.​ Front J-pockets are finished with the traditional double needle topstitching and reinforced with rivets for extra durability and a hint of styling. The back of the trouser is as interesting as the front, from its patch pockets to its v-shaped yoke, designed to flatter the body and fit comfortably to its wearer.​ Formcut’s fabrics have been pre-treated so that the integrity will never be lost. There is no need to fear bleeding, dye transfer, or color fading, or to follow the rules established by the denim industry. Your Formcut 5- Pocket will maintain it's sharp look after each wash and wear.​

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