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Not created to a standard specification.

It is created for you and only you.


The Chino

Everyone has their own take on a chino. What makes the Formcut chino special? Our chinos are designed with sartorial elements combined with premium cotton fabrics and garment washing techniques. We guarantee that our chinos will never lose color, keep their shape, and never shrink. They are ready to go when you are.
Rough Surface

Download Formcut 3D

Download Formcut 3D app to get measured using our 3D technology from the comfort of your home

Our love for cotton

Every Formcut product starts with a staple of highest quality cotton. The longer the staple the superior the cotton.
Chinos Details_smaller_v2 (1).png

Our Anatomy

Our Formcut Chinos are designed with sartorial elements such as fine pick-stitching, double back darts for more shape, a full waist seam outlet and waistband curtain. These elements elevate the Chino to become a unique blend of modern styling and traditional tailoring, a perfect reflection of Formcut’s fit comfort; where traditional craftsmanship meets innovative technology, for a fit and quality unlike anything else you will find.

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